#Muziekblog 13: in concert with Al Kimya (guest performance)

Last December I met the bandleader and guitarist Hannibal Saad from Syria. He played a Christmas concert with Al Kimya (= chemistry). Al Kimya is more of a project than a band. There is a different composition of musicians for each occasion.

Through Esseline van de Sande I received an invitation to participate in a concert as a guest performer. It fits in with Hannibal’s working style: he looks for cultural ends and looks at how he can connect people and music.

Over a period of a few weeks we got to know each other better, picked out songs and rehearsed. Our challenge was to combine Syrian music, Greek influences and a touch of the Balkans with my Dutch-language eclectic singer/songwriter songs. On Sunday February 25 we performed in Verhalenhuis Belvédère in Rotterdam Katendrecht. Here is a small impression of the performance.